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How to Be Grateful of the Provision from Allah (Friday Sermon)

Friday Sermon

How to Be Grateful of the Provision from Allah (Friday Sermon)

Sermon I


Dear audience – may Allah have mercy on you-,

Allah the Glorified and Exalted ordered us to be pious and fear Him. Know, O audience, piety or God-fearing is a very light word to utter, yet very hard to carry out. Just for today, try to remember how many sins that we’ve committed, how many sins that our heart have committed? For example, have our hearts been saved from jealousy with others whom Allah have bestowed upon seemingly more favors, i.e., wealth in abundance and plenty of sustenances/provisions?

Know that Allah’s provision comes down as the rain, it isn’t evenly distributed. Sometimes it pours down on the mountain, and not on the desert. Rain may bring many favors, yet it also may bring damnation.

Remember when Allah drown the people of Prophet Noah -peace be upon him- who were defying him! How did Allah destroy them? By sending them rain and heavy flood.

That’s the wealth! that’s the world! Allah distributes it unevenly to everyone. Some may be rich, some may be poor, and some others may be living sufficiently. Sometimes it benefits people, and sometimes it brings doom upon them.

Dear audience, peace be upon me and you all,
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