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Ruling of Arisan


What is the ruling of arisan, i.e. regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money?


Arisan, defined as numbers of people agreed to collect similar sum of money every month. The total money will be given to each member of the group in turns, until all of the members (ever) get it. This is a form of debt and credit in helping the needy and is a kind of good manner.

Arisan is included in debt and credit transaction because the one who get the money wants to spend the money to afford various needs, and then give it back exactly as the sum he received.

ruling of arisan

It is not appropriate to categorized arisan in the form of exchanging money for money, because if it is so, what benefits will the money seller acquired after he sold his money without cash -payment, over a year, and when it was returned to him, the amount is exactly as before? It is known that no one would do such thing, thus, arisan is a type of debt and credit, which based on social motives.

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