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On Using Wife’s Salary

On Using Wife’s Salary

Man is the backbone of a family. Allah has ordained men to earn the living of his wife and children. But today, some women also work to supplement the shortage of family needs. Some people believe that women have a similar obligation too, that they ought to be responsible for family’s financial condition, and thus husbands sometimes took their wives’ salary claiming to fulfill their family needs. What is the ruling for it? Take a look at an explanation below.

on using wifes salary

A wife works as a teacher. Is the husband allowed to take all of her salary, considering that the pair needs a house to settle down?

Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman al Mani’ (one of the member of Grand Scholars of Saudi Arabia) said, “Women have their own independent private rights, financial rights, and other acknowledged rights. Hence, it is not allowed for anyone to take their financial rights, but with their willingness. Therefore, if a woman willingly give her monthly salary to her husband, father, or mother, they might lawfully spend the money.

فإن طبن لكم عن شيء منه نفساً فكلوه هنيئاً مريئاً

“Give women their bridal-due in good cheer (considering it a duty); but if they willingly remit any part of it, consume it with good pleasure.” (QS. An Nisa/The Women:4).
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