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Ruling of Working in Court

Working in Court

Ruling of Working in Court

There are two types of court, shari’a court (religious court) and general court that use positive laws.

This second type could further be divided into two; court that use laws that differ from Allah’s law in various criminal cases, and court for deciding cases regarding administrative cases (for example, constitutional court, -ed).

Ruling of Working in Court needs to be detailed, depends on the type of the court

If the court adopt shari’a law (in the matter of inheritance, etc) or general court that doesn’t use laws that against the shari’a law, it is allowed to work in it; whether as a common employee, a judge, or an attorney.

In contrast, if the court is a general court that tends to use laws that are different from shari’a laws in cases of murder or other kind of criminal act, it is not allowed to work there, even just as an administration staff. It is considered as helping one another in committing sin and hostility, something forbidden in this religion, as revealed in the second verse of chapter Al Maida/The Table Spread.

If a person continues to work at that court as a judge, then he’ll be included as a person who use human-made laws that inappropriate with Allah’s law, and this is considered as a major sin; even worse, it may drag him to infidelity, expelling him from his religion.
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