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It Will be Replaced with The Better!

It Will be Replaced with The Better!

It is already known that working in a vile place is forbidden in shari’a. Money from unlawful sources is a disgraced act. The brave step to take, when we’re still working at forbidden place is to resign from that post. There’s no other choice. Likewise, we should suggest others to leave their forbidden jobs, to seek for lawful income.

We’ve ever heard, even often times, that when a person is advised to leave a forbidden act or job, if he consent, he’ll be promised with a hadith from the Messenger of Allah which stated:

إنك لن تدع شيئا لله عز وجل إلا بدلك الله به ما هو خير لك منه “.

Verily, if you abandon a thing because of Allah alone, Allah will replace it for you with the better.” (Narrated by Al Ashbahani in his book At Targhib. It is classed valid by Al Albani).

Sometimes, the advice even added with the stories of other people who did that. As the story of a friend who previously worked in a bank, after he was told and realized that it is unlawful to work in a bank, he resigned. Later, To his delight, he got a lawful job with bigger income. And similar stories that you’ve probably had heard.

But have you ever imagine that if the person that you’ve persuaded, after he left his forbidden job, he still couldn’t get a job with better income than his past job?

Well, what will you say?

We need to know that behind those stories that we told to motivate people to abandon their unlawful job, there is one point that must be always remembered, namely: a lawful wealth, no matter how small it is, it far better than a houseful wealth from unlawful source. To walk straight upon the shari’a, is far better than indulging in wrongdoings.

It means that having a lawful job plus larger income is not a necessary return that is guaranteed for every one who leaves his unlawful job.

The real example is a story of a companion, named Mush’ab Ibn Umair:

His life at the time of Ignorance was full of luxuries; handsome clothes, perfumed with nice-smelling scents, fancied by the girls of Mecca, and his wealthy parent were ready to grant all his wishes.

But we all know how drastic his condition was after he embraced Islam and ready to follow the laws of Allah and His messenger. It was his turning point. His clothes became worn and torn, and he looked disheveled just like a vagabond. Even at the end of his life, when he died at the Battle of Badr, the Messenger of Allah buried him while saying, “In the past, there was no youth in Mecca that has clothes as beautiful as yours, and has hair as stylish as you, but now you are buried with just a piece of cloth that is not enough to cover all your body. ”

Mush’ab Ibn Umair has left all the gleaming of the world, because of his love to Allah and His messenger. Nothing beautiful anymore to him, except the sweetness of faith that resided in his heart.

Now, from this story, let’s ask ourselves:

Didn’t Mush’ab Ibn Umar get the Apostle promise that Allah will replace for anyone who leave something because of Allah alone, with a better replacer? Wasn’t Mush’ab, when he was still a disbeliever, live in splendor and wealth? And why, when he had embraced Islam, he hadn’t got any richer?

What are your responses?

I’ll help you to answer:

“Yes, Mush’ab had got that promise from Allah’s apostle.”

“Mush’ab had got a better replacer, which is the Paradise.”

“Mush’ab had obtained a better luxury, which is the luxury of having the sweetness of faith in his heart.”

“Mush’ab had donned a better clothes; the clothes of Paradise.”

“Mush’ab had been welcomed with a better longing than the longing of the girls of Mecca to him; the longing of the maidens of Paradise.”

In conclusion, “Mush’ab had got a better replacer for his life in this world, which is the beauty of the eternal life in the Hereafter.”

is there any better life than the life in the Hereafter? Absolutely no. Therefore, it is the life in the Hereafter that should be the main goal of every believer, and the reward in the Hereafter should be his prime aim of every of his righteous deed, and not just the reward in this world. Although, it is undeniable that sometimes there are people who get their reward immediately in this world.

If this is the belief that is rooted deeply in every believer’s soul, there will be no difficulty in changing from a lifestyle to another, because the goal is not the worldly pleasure anymore, but the Hereafter. There will be not much demand of the worldly reward and return, because it is the reward in the Hereafter that he after. If this believer is advised to resign from his unlawful job, he wont ask,

“Then what should I do?”

“If I do resign, will I ever get income as large as this anymore?”

Because his main goal to leave his unlawful job is to abandon life in sins in this world, to avoid the miserable life later in the Hereafter.

Know, O brothers, Allah and His messenger have called us to the Hereafter land, and now it is up to us to answer this call; if we answer to this call, we should push our bodies and souls to depart to the Hereafter land, and thus Allah will replace our world with the pleasures as large as the skies and the earth, later in Paradise.

Author: Muhammad Yassir, Lc

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