Questionnaire in Package (Questions and Answers)


Some companies put several questions on their products. The questions usually were very easy to answered, and the contents were about their product: the color, the size, or other physical characteristics of it. After the answers being sent, and being collected, in a certain period they will draw the lot to choose the winner to get prizes from them. Is this act permissible?


This act is among the tricks done by sellers to attract people’s attention to buy their products. Eventually, they will buy it more than the amount needed, or they will buy it although they already have it- or even have a better one that that, to get the prize.

By that, the manufacturer daringly increase their product’s price, and a little amount of their profits will be allocated for those prizes. With this reason, they increase the price over it’s normal price, and they praise their products excessively. As the result, tricked people will buy the products and answer the questions inside it, since the answers could only be known after buying it.

We believe that the sellers should not motivate their buyers to do such thing, since it tends to resemble gambling, and considered as taking other’s wealth illegally. Beside that, it will cause losses for other manufacturers whom being left by their customers because they did not arrange such act. In sharia, every threats must be abandoned.

We advise all sellers and manufacturers to be satisfied with every fortunes Allah has bestowed upon them, and to sell their products in low prices, so that none of their muslim brother be mistreated.

Author: Aris Munandar
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