The wage is up to you..

The wage is up to you..


It is common to find people who, when they formed a work agreement, said to the employer to be, “The wage is up to you.” What is the ruling for such agreement?


Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Salih al Uthaymeen answered, “Such transaction of employment is invalid, because there is unclarity over the wage issue. Whereas the main aim of one who applied for job was to obtain wage. Such transaction might caused. trouble at the end of the working time, since the misunderstanding upon the wage often occurred, between the employer and the employee, such as at the time the wage was handed to the employee, he often said, “Please give some more to it.” This phrase indicated that the employer and his employee misunderstood each other.

How many feud was caused by the unclarity of wage nominal at the beginning of the transaction, followed by the anger of the employee or even his refusal upon the nominal of wage offered by the employer. The employee might also left due to his displeasure without taking his wage, thus the employer was troubled to find him and asked about his presence, so that he might find him and give what was already his right.

Therefore, we strictly said that one must not work in any place unless there is a clear agreement upon the nominal of wage that he’ll be paid. But if the job has already got a specific standard of wage which usually goes unwritten in the society, then the parameter of nominal is that unwritten agreement of society of the wage of certain job.


Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, S.S, M.PI.

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