Rulings for Gifts from Patient

Rulings for Gifts from Patient

Rulings for Gifts from Patient

Sheikh Ibn Baz was asked about the status of some gifts given to a doctor after he finished his task to perform the therapy and heal his patient.

His answer was, “If the therapy session was concluded, then we don’t know any strong reason to prohibit him from receiving the gift, although abandoning it is better. If that doctor works at the government (public) hospital then refusing the gift is a better choice, to prevent him from prioritizing the patient later on.

But if the doctor works at his own private clinic, in which he works with a certain wage that has been agreed with the patient or with amount of wage is up to the patient, then all comes back to the current agreement.

But if the doctor works at a government hospital or clinic, it is suggested to not giving him any gifts. But if the therapy session has ended, then the patient came and gave him gift without any agreement beforehand, it is alright for him to accept that gift.

But refusing such gift is a more cautious choice although it was given after the therapy ended, since it is possible that the same patient will come again for treatment, thus causing the doctor who had received his gift to prioritize him and lessened his attention towards other patient. Another reason to refuse it is that if the doctor ever got a gift before, then he will be hoping for it again in the future. Thus, to anticipate this, and the first reason above, it is better for him to refuse such gift.

As a conclusion, it is better for a patient not to give any kind of gifts to the civil servant doctor, and it is enough for him to pray to Allah to reward him with a better reward.”


Ustadz Aris Munandar,MPi

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