Ruling for the penalty of vehicle tax

Ruling for the penalty of vehicle tax


In the name of Allah. Honorable chaplains of Konsultasi Syariah whom Allah the Exalted have mercy upon, I would like to ask about the ruling for paying the penalty of vehicle tax due to the late payment (lateness caused by the lack of financial support). What is the ruling for that tax penalty? Is it lawful for the payer and the tax insurer?

I need your explanation. May Allah reward you with plenty of goodnesses.

From: Fursan


Assalamu alaikum..

The tax penalty is something inevitable. Therefore, you should pay it, so that your vehicle certificates could still be issued. Regarding the lawful or unlawful state of it, it is the responsibility of the people who take the tax. Your interest is only about how to ensure that your vehicle certificates to be re-issued.

The answer provided by Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Arifin Baderi

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