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Evaluating Ramadans That We’ve Passed Through – Reflection of Ramadan


Evaluating Ramadans That We’ve Passed Through

Illustration: English test

We’re going to make a question, please each of us find the answer individually.

How long have we learned english?

Some of us may answer, since junior to senior high school, we’ve learned it. Thus, we’ve learned it for six years approximately. Not to mention if we continue our study to college, we’ll surely find an english subject.
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When did we Embrace Islam?


When did we embrace Islam?


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Ustadz, one questioned: Since when did we embrace Islam? I said, “Allah knows best”.

Because if we said that we embraced it since we were born, then when did we testify the two testimonies? Whereas the testimony is one of the foundation or pillars of Islam, and one couldn’t be a muslim until he testified with it, am I right? Please give me a proper explanation. May Allah reward you with plenty of goodnesses.

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