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  1. UmmuAbdilQawee says:

    As salaamu alaikum,

    I saw an article that I was interested in, on your site but I couldnt find any information on the creators of this website and what their manhaj was. Are you Salafi, Shi’ee, Sufi, Hanafi, etc?

    1. wa ‘alaykumussalaam wa rahmatullah.
      dear Ummu Abdil Qawee
      we thank you for your comment, may Allah reward you with far much better.

      which articles did you find interesting? you may comment it, ask questions on the page, etc. Please feel free to response and express your feeling towards this site and its articles.

      we are Sunni alhamdulillaah.

  2. Keeping Allah subhantallah As witness i wud like to know whether eur website is authentic,if so can eu plzzz mail me the top 5 authentic websites of Sunni Islam.
    please excuse me ,if i hurt eu.
    ( a brother in belief)

  3. Ahmad Arabe says:

    Sallam Alaykum, Sheikh what is the Ruling on build the House on Mixing Money From Halal Source and Haram Source and leaving in the house? Jazakallahu Khayran..

  4. Kevin Mustafa Ali says:

    As salaamu alaikum, I enjoyed reading th article “The Meaning of La Ilaha Illa Allah (None has the right to be worshipped but Allah)” but I don’t understand why there is no biography or reference information about the author, or the authors of any of the the articles at I would feel much more comfortable about sharing this information with Muslims if I knew who’s I am trusting to the extent that I pass information from them to some one else. I become responsible for what I am sharing especially when I find information that looks and sounds like accurate and sound information from the Quran and Sunnah but has no report about who is bring the information. I like to share important dawah with others, but I am always concerned that about who I am supporting in this way. I would feel much safer if I knew the sources to quote.

  5. Sohaila Shariq says:

    One our friend is widow. She has daughter who is divorced she is living with our friend who is widow with her three daughters.
    My widow friend has a house to live in and she can call people to clean the house and cook.
    The 3 grandchildren she has want to go or I should say could get admission in fee paying colleges like eldest got admission to medical school that has a lot of fee. She did not apply to less fee paying as had issue with domicile which she could not address early.
    The other one choose to do commerce in another good fee paying college and the third one in other good fee paying school.
    Mother do job but earns little.
    Can we give my friends daughter who is divorced for her daughter studies ZAKAT
    JazakAllah o Khairun

  6. Yasmeen akthar says:

    I have one question related to my father in law vill (wasihat)he wrote a vill that he has given his gold to my husband and my brother in law (half both)which he keep to hi elder son.if i live i wll take,if i dei take from him,,Now his dei,the wasihat is valid or it hai tuo distribute to all his childern.

  7. Assalamualaikum, I just want to ask what do you ay sujud syukur in English. Jazakumulah khairan

  8. Jawad Nazir says:

    A salaam
    I have a question to ask.
    If w made a deal of a vehicle and got deposit for it and agreed with customer that if he fails to fullfil the deal than he will be paying a certain percentage as penalty.
    We kept the vehicle and did not sold it but later customer cancel the deal with his own reason. In this case are we allowed to deduct that percentage which was agreed on intial stage from the deposit amount and than return the balance to customer.
    Please answer it in details.

  9. Abu Maryam says:

    Assalamu alaikum, I have scanned your website to try and find an answer to my query.
    MashaAllah, i found it of great benefit. However, i was unable to get and exact response for my question.
    A form of modern trading is via the internet, more specfcially; drop shipping. This is where a person advertises items on the internet (that are not in his possession or ownership), but are available upon request from his supplier/wholesaler). The items are fully described and explained in the adverstisement. The customer then buys and pays for the items expecting them to be delivered at a set date.
    These items are then purchased from the supplier/wholesaler, who then delivers them to the customer directly.
    My confusion is regarding the following points:
    1. Is it binding to see (in person) the customer that you are trading with (ittihaad al-Majlis)?
    2. Does this type of trading come under the salaam type of transaction
    3. Does the seller have to have physical possession of the item and some stage of the transaction?
    4. Does it make a difference if the supplier/wholesaler of the items gives the seller credit
    I would very much appreciate it if you could clarify these issues.
    Jazakallahu Khair

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