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How Life Ends for the Haters

How Life Ends for the Haters

How Life Ends for the Haters

Envy (spite, hate) is an old disease that has brought misfortune to many people and harmed them. Haters will always enrage and oppress innocent people. Thus, there’s an Arabic saying says, “Allah has killed the Spite, how fair He is. It (spite) starts with its own master (the spiteful one) and then kills him.”

‘Umar Ibn al Khaththab –may Allah be pleased with him- said, “It is enough for you that the spiteful uses your joyful time.”

Allah the Exalted declared in some of hadith Qudsy, “A spiteful one is the enemy of My favor, people who always gets annoyed by My deed, and one displeases of My giving.”

The Arabs used to say, “A master will never escape from a merciful one who is always praising and a hater who is always insulting (him).”

An expert in jurisprudence named Abu al Laith as Samarqandy –peace be upon him- said, “Five sanctions that will reach the hater first before its spite reaches its target (the hated one); firstly, a never ending distress, secondly, a misfortune without reward, thirdly, an insult without praise, fourthly, the wrath of his Lord, and fifthly, the door to Allah’s guidance will be closed for him.”
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