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Ruling of Triangle-Shaped Credit

Housing Credit

Triangle-Shaped Credit



Ustadz, there is a friend of mine who is offered to work in an optic shop. Aside from providing cash payment service, the store also give credit facility through certain bank by paying the down payment to the store first. Is this kind of transaction allowed? May he work in that store?

May Allah reward you with goodness.

From: Jumardi

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Don’t Single Out Your Sustenance

Don't Single Out Your Sustenance

Don’t Single Out Your Sustenance

Once, I was asked, “Since Allah the Exalted has ensured our sustenance, are we allowed to ask for plenty of money?”

Also, a preacher once delivered his sermon live on one of the TV stations, saying, “Allah has ensured the measure of our sustenance, whether we work hard or not, it certainly will come to us. What we’re not certain of is whether we’ll enter the Paradise or the Hell, thus, this is the urgent matter to strive for, so that we’ll be able to seize the Paradise.” Or so he said; although it doesn’t match his sermon word per word, but the important point from his saying were:
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