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The Meaning of La Ilaha Illa Allah (None has the right to be worshipped but Allah)

Etymologic meaning of word ‘ilah’

The word ‘ilah’ comes from the word ‘alaha’. It is mentioned In the book titled “Ash Shihah fii Lughah” that ‘alaha’ means ” ‘abada” or worship. While in “Mukhtar Ash Shihah“‘ it is mentioned that ‘alaha-ya’lahu’ means ” ‘abada”, or worship. The word ‘ilah’ refers to the word pattern ‘fi’al’, which literally means maf’ul (object). Thus, the word ‘ilah’ means “ma’luh” or a worshipped object. (Refer to Mukhtar Ash Shihah, chapter “hamzah”, www.islamspirit.com)

the meaning of laa ilaa ha illallah

In the other reference, Al Mu’jam Al Wasith Dictionary (part 1, page no. 25), it is explained that ‘ilah’ means every thing that used to be worshipped. The plural form of it is ‘alihah’. In Arabic language, ‘ilah’ is also termed as ‘ma’bud’. Hence, the scholars interpreted the actual meaning of “Laa ilaaha illallaah (None has the right of worshipping but Allah) as “Laa ma’buda bihaqqin'” or “laa ma’buda bihaqqin illallaah” (Refer to “Syarh Tsalatul Ushul“/Explanation of The Three Foundation, author Ibn othaymeen, page no. 77)

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