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Ruling of Zakat Investment in Zakat Distributor Foundation

Ruling of Zakat Investment in Zakat Distributor Foundation

Among things that are questioned is regarding zakat that is paid to social foundation, to be distributed to the poor, is the foundation allowed to invest it?

The answer is no, it is not allowed. In shari’a the zakat payer is ordered to distribute his zakat to the poor. Therefore, zakat payer is not allowed to invest it since it is contrary to Allah’s order to him. Likewise, representation of zakat payer, that is the social foundation that is trusted to distribute the zakat to the rightful. The foundation is obliged to distribute it immediately.

Beside that, what so-called investment sometimes causes some loss and no one can guarantee that it will always yield profit. For sure, if any loss happened, then the one suffering from it is the poor as its rightful owner.

This is the explanation given by Sheikh Dr Saad Syatsri in the second virtual lecture of the Minah Seminar held byJamiah al Ma’rifah al ‘Alamiyyah 1433 H

Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, MPi

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