Evaluating Ramadans That We’ve Passed Through – Reflection of Ramadan

Evaluating Ramadans That We’ve Passed Through

Illustration: English test

We’re going to make a question, please each of us find the answer individually.

How long have we learned english?

Some of us may answer, since junior to senior high school, we’ve learned it. Thus, we’ve learned it for six years approximately. Not to mention if we continue our study to college, we’ll surely find an english subject.

The next question:

Have we mastered english from that 6 years of study?

I’m sure the answer is “not yet”. The proof is when we’re going to take a TOEFL test, we still have to join intensive english course to pass that test.

So, what is the result of that six years of studying english?

The answer is, “To pass that subject, or to pass the national exam.”

Evaluation of Ramadan

Now, let’s ask ourselves, but this time about Ramadan.

How many of Ramadan month that we’ve already passed? The answer must be different, according to our age.

If we’ve passed Ramadan many times, even more than five times, let’s ask again:

Have we obtained the result of Ramadan? That is, piety (God-fearing) and Allah the Exalted’s forgiveness? Think about the answer individually.

Now compare between evaluation of english and Ramadan.

Compare between the experience of Ramadan that we’ve passed with the experience of learning english for six years.

Why we still unable to learn english from our studying at school? Whereas we can manage it if we learn it at the intensive course?

The answer is, “The goal.”

When we learned about english at school, there was no definite goal to achieve but to pass the subject with passable grade. But when we learned intensively at the course, our goal was to be skillful in english; in conversation, reading, and writing.

Hence, goal or what usually dubbed as “vision” is very important to set. Even though the work is similar, but with different goal, the result will also be different.

The same thing applies for Ramadan. Allah the Exalted has shown us the vision of Ramadan, i.e., to attain piety. But if this vision isn’t imprinted on our hearts, and we do not focus on it as it is in front of our eyes, Ramadan will just pass fruitlessly; except for hunger and thirst.

The Messenger of Allah had warned us about the result that doesn’t match the ultimate goal of Ramadan. He said,

“Many people fast, but they do not obtain anything from it except for hunger.” (Narrated by Ibn Maja).

In another hadith, the Messenger of Allah was asked about a woman who routinely performed fast and night prayer, but she often hurt her neighbor with her words. The Messenger of Allah said that there is no good in her, and that she’ll enter the Hell.” (Narrated by Ahmad).

Brother muslim,

This is an advice for myself and us all.

Although we feel that we’ve only had little achievements on the past Ramadan, or nothing at all, it doesn’t mean that we shall give up. There are still many chances that Allah the Exalted give us. as long as we still breathe, as long as we’re still alive, the are still chances to change. To the better, of course.

Only to Allah we seek for help, by praying:

اللهم إعني على ذكرك وشكرك وحسن عبادتك

“O Allah, please help me to remember You often, and to be a grateful man to You, and help me to worship You properly.”


Author: ustadz Muhammad Yassir, Lc (Lecturer at STDI Imam Syafi’i Jember)

Article of www.whatisquran.com

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