Ruling for Giving Away Music CD As A Gift

Ruling for Giving Away Music CD As A Gift

Question: “I was a music fan back then, and now I’ve repented from it. I have numerous music CDs. What should I do with those CDs?”Music CD

Answer: “All praises be to Allah, Who has bestowed upon you repentance and guidance to the straight path. We ask Allah to add us all guidance and strength upon His path.

It is true that one must not give any gifts to other that might aid and support the one he gave to commit wickedness, such as giving away music CD to people whose hobby is listening to the music. Thus, your obligation towards those CDs is to erase the music content in it, then replace it with beneficial records such as Qur’an recitation or lectures from sunni scholars. The second option is to give the CDs to those who are willing to rewrite it with useful records and distribute it to whoever needs it.

If the CDs couldn’t be re-written, or erased and then filled with useful records, then the only choice is to destroy it. It is not allowed to sell or to give it away to people who want to listen to the music in it because it included in aiding one another in sins and transgressions of shari’a.”


Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, M.PI
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