Prize from Card Lottery


Several department stores usually give certain cards to every visiting customers, which later to be written over their names, and addresses. And every certain period there will be a lot for those cards, and whoever names pulled out of it, will be given a valuable prize. There is no requirement to buy any item in those stores to get the card. What is the ruling for such activity?


This kind of activity clearly designed to attract people’s attention to come to those department stores. The aim is to gain popularity among society and eventually lead them to come and shop in those stores.

Undoubtedly this is meant to yield considerable profits from amount of sales occur due to increasing number of people come to those stores. They hoped that the profits from sales will replaced their budget allocated for prizes, and even higher.

In spite of the effects above, this activity will disadvantaged other department stores which do not do such activity, since people no longer attracted to their stores. As the result, other stores will get losses.

Prophet –Shallallaahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam– used to said:

“It is prohibited to one disadvantage others.” (Recorded by Ahmad and Ibn Maja: the status is valid according to Al Albani)

Rewritten from Ahkam Musabaqah Tijariyah by Sheik Abdullah Ibn Abdirrahman al Jibrin, published by Dar al Qasim, Riyadh

(Translated by Abu ‘Ukkasha Aris Munandar, M.Pdi, with little changes in grammar and structures by editor of

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