Is it allowed to lend money from Bank to build mosque?

Is it allowed to lend money from Bank to build mosque?


We are a group of immigrant from Morocco who are currently living in Germany and we have a place that we rent, and we use it to perform the five congregational prayers, Friday prayer and the ied prayer. And due to the great number of people who pray there -all praises be to Allah- the German government ban us to pray there, saying that the place is too narrow and inappropriate to be used to pray. Now we plan to to buy a wide place out of town, and the german government has permitted us to buy it. The cost is 3,5 million Marks, and our current fund is just 1,5 million Marks. Is it allowed for us to lend the remains of fund from Bank by paying some interest, in order to buy that place, and is it considered as emergency ? And if it is already bought using usury money, may we pray in it, until we find another place to pray in this country? Please give us an answer. May Allah rewards you with kind rewards.


You are not allowed to lend money with interest/usury, because Allah has forbidden it, and harshly threatened the usurer. The Prophet -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- too has cursed the usurer, the giver, the witnesses, and the scriber of it, and usury is forbidden in all condition. Hence, it is not lawful for you to buy it unless you are financially capable, without having to owe money with interest.

And perform prayer according to your ability, whether in one congregation or in several congregations at different places.

And Allah is the The Giver of guidance, and peace and prayer always be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, and his companions.
(See: Majmu’ Fatawa al Lajnah ad Da’imah, 13/295, fatwa no. 20002).

Author: Dr. Muhammad Arifin Badri, M.A.
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