Rulings of Selling Women’s Lingerie

Question: “Is a man allowed to sell women’s lingerie?”

Answer: “It is alright to sell women’s lingerie, since the product itself is lawful. The lingerie here is underwear garment usually used for decent purposes, and it shouldn’t be shown but to spouse (between husband and his wife).

However, the ruling above required the transaction to be in accordance with shari’a laws, that is, the seller (man) isn’t left alone with the buyer who come to his stall, there should be no illegal glance, nor illegal touch, nor jokes between him and his female buyer, the women who come to buy the lingerie doesn’t soften her voice during her conversation with the seller, the conversation should be focused and limited, according to their needs, and so on.

But isn’t it better for a man to abandon such job -selling women’s lingerie- and start another business?

We need to inform that the basic ruling for selling women’s lingerie is lawful, but the lingerie should not displayed on mannequins that will be shown in front of the store thus could be seen by plenty of people.


Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, S.S., M.PI.

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