Traveling to Tourism Destination with Wickedness Inside it

Traveling to the Place of Wickedness

Sheikh al Islam was asked about a man whose words were heard by the judge. He went  refreshing himself to a place where people gathered, during the spring, on cheerful times. He saw wickedness there, of which he wasn’t able to counter. His wife was with him too. Is it alright for him to do so? And was it decreasing his dignity?

He answered,

One is not allowed to attend the places where he would see various evil doings and it is impossible for him to prevent it, unless for a lawful reason acknowledged in shari’a. For example, there were affairs there that he needed to attend for the sake of his religion and his worldly affairs, or because he was forced to be there. As for a mere pleasure and refreshing and he took his wife with him to see it, then it might decrease (nullify) his dignity and honor, if he did it repeatedly. And Allah knows best.

Source of reference: Fatwa Collection of Ibn Taimiya, by Sheikh al Islam Ibn Taimiya. Published by Darul Haq.

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