Coupons that Are Considered as Gambling

Coupons that Are Considered as Gambling

Coupons that Are Considered as Gambling

Among the tricks of the sellers to attract customers is by throwing a prized-lottery. Sometimes, for the customers to be able to join it, they must buy the coupon with some amount of money; and this is the requirement to join it.

Such lottery is a form of gambling which ruling is unlawful and illegal. Thus we might see that a lottery is forbidden when it’s prizes are bought using money from the participants, for example, from the price of coupons that they are obliged to buy in order to join the lottery. This kind of lottery is indeed included in gambling.

The reason to forbid it is because the participants are faced with two choices; winning or losing. Whereas the parameter to dub something as gambling is when people who join the activity is faced with the probabilities of winning or losing it. Customers who spent their money were faced with 2 possibilities; they might get the prizes, hence they were lucky, since they were able to get an expensive prize with small amount of money. Or, they might get nothing, hence they lost a certain amount of money without gaining anything. (See: “Muamalah Maliah Muashirah”, by Dr. Khalid bin Ali al Musyaiqih. Pages. 32-33)

Author: Ustadz. Aris Munandar, S.S., M.PI.

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