Rulings for Lottery Drawing in Islam

Rulings for Lottery Drawing in Islam

Rulings for Lottery Drawing in Islam

When a customer spent a certain amount of money in shopping, there were some stores that gave coupons to be entered in a lottery drawing. After certain period, those stores would hold a lottery drawing, and whoever name popped up in it, would be granted some prizes. Rulings for such prizes were disputed by the experts in contemporary jurisprudence.

First of all, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Shalih al ‘Uthaymeen allowed such practice by two requirements:

Such lottery didn’t cause the raise of stuffs’ price. It means that the prizes weren’t taken from the raised price of stuffs, hence the price stayed normal as before the lottery was held.
The customers bought stuffs at that store because they needed the stuffs indeed. It means that they bought the stuffs mainly due to their needs, not because of the prizes.

The reason of the scholars who permitted such practice was considering that the basic law of any kind of social interactions is lawful, and the element of gambling wasn’t exist in this case, when the lottery didn’t trigger the increasing of price in it.

Second, Sheikh Ibn Baz, even the Lajnah Daimah (Standing Committee) during the leadership of Ibn Baz, had forbidden such practice based on several reasons:

  • This case contained an element of gambling whereas the attempt to erase it by several, certain requirements was difficult to be practiced in reality.
  • This practice disadvantaged the other stores that didn’t create similar event.

The lottery caused some people to buy things that they didn’t need.

The opinion that is closer to the truth is the first opinion, that allowed this practice with certain requirements. (see: “Al Muamalah al Maliah al Muashirah”, by Dr. Khalid al Musyaiqih, pages. 37-38).

Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, S.S., M.PI.

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