The Best Profession

The Best Profession

 The Best Profession

The scholars held different opinions regarding what kind of profession and source of income is the best.

Al Mawardi opinionated that the best profession is in agriculture because a farmer is the one who rely himself most to Allah compared to other workers.

An Nawawi ash Shafii said that the best source of income is something that comes from one’s own hand. Farming is indeed the best profession due to three reasons; because it contains elements of hand work, self reliance to Allah, and beneficial for men and animals.

Ibn Hajar al Asqalani Ash Shafii said that the best source of income is property of the infidels taken through a holy war because this was the Prophet’s source of income. Beside that, the holy war or jihad is the cause that raised Allah’s religion far above others.

Sheikh Abdurrahman As Sa’di discussed this matter, saying that, “The scholars held different opinions regarding what profession is the best. Some scholars prioritized farming. Some, trading. Some others chose the handworks that created variety of products.

The most appropriate opinion in this matter is that the best profession for each individual is what suits his condition. Whatever work he chooses, he must carry it out with professionalism and fulfill all his obligations.” [See: “Taudhih al Ahkam min Bulughil Maram”, book 4 page 248].

Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, MPi

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