The Evil Of Tabarruj (Open Display of Women’s Adornment)

The Evil Of Tabarruj (Open Display of Women’s Adornment)

Tabarruj is violation of Allah’s and His messenger’s law.

Whoever commits violation of Allah and His messenger’s law, does nothing that harms Allah at all; rather, he only harms himself.
The Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“All of my followers will enter the Paradise, except for those who refuse to.” His companions asked, “O Messenger of Allah! Who are those who refuse to?” He replied, “Whoever obeys me will enter the Paradise, and whoever disobeys me means that he refuses.”

Tabarruj invokes curse, and distance the doer from Allah’s mercy

The Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“There will be women from among the last of my followers who wear clothes yet naked, their heads look like the hunch of camel, curse them, for they are women who deserved of cursing.”

Tabarruj is the trait of the resident of Hell

The Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“There are two groups of residents of the Hell that I’ve never seen yet: those who bring whip that resembles a cow’s tail that is used to beat people, and women who wear clothes yet naked…”

Tabarruj brings darkness in the Hereafter

It is narrated from the Prophet –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- that he said,

“The parable of woman who adorn herself for others than her husband, is like darkness in the Hereafter, of which there is no light for her.”

It means that women who strut while pulling up her clothes will come later in the Hereafter in darkness, as if strutting in darkness. And even though this is a weak hadith, its content is true, for the pleasure in sin is basically punishment, fragrances will turn into foul smell, and light will change into darkness. It is contrary to obedience, since it is known that the bad breath of people who fast and the blood of the martyr are more fragrant to Allah than the smell of musk.

Tabarruj is hypocrisy

The Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“The best among your women are those who are loving, fertile (able to give birth to many kids), like to comfort, and ready to serve, if they fear Allah. And the worst among your women are those who are dandy and dreamer, they are the hypocrites, they will not enter the Paradise except like the condition of ghurab a’sham.”

The meaning of ghurab a’sham is the crow that has red feet and talon, which indicates the rarity of women to enter the Paradise, since this kind of crow is very rare to find.

Tabarruj shatters the protection cover and reveal the disgrace

The Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“Any woman who take off her clothes in a house other than her husband’s has shattered the cover between herself and Allah the Almighty and High.”

Tabarruj is an evildoing

A woman is awrah, and uncovering awrah is an evil, detested act. Allah the Glorified and Exalted decreed,

“And when such people commit an indecent act they say: “We found our fathers doing that, and Allah has enjoined it on us.” Say: “Surely Allah never enjoins any indecency.” (Chapter Al A’raf/The Height:28)
In fact, it is the satan that orders men to do that indecency, as in Allah’s decree,

“Satan frightens you with poverty and bids you to commit indecency.” (Chapter Al Baqara/The Cow:268)

Tabarruj is the devil’s teaching

Indeed, the story of Adam and the devil has depicted to us how the enemy of Allah, the devil, open the chance for human being to commit sin and tear the protecting cover, and that tabarruj is its ultimate goal. Allah the Glorified and Exalted decreed,

“Children of Adam! Let not Satan deceive you in the manner he deceived your parents out of Paradise, pulling off from them their clothing to reveal to them their shame.” (Chapter Al A’raf/The Height:27)

Hence, it was the devil who persuade people to do tabarruj and uncovering, it is the prime leader for those who declare the idea of tahrirul mar’ah or freeing of woman.

Tabarruj is the jews’ way of life

The jews play a major role in destroying the nation through the hands of women, and women do have experience in this field since a long time ago; that the Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“Fear the world, and fear the women, for the first trial that afflicted the children of Israel was on women.”

Tabarruj is act of ignorance

Allah the Glorified and Exalted decreed,

“And stay in your homes and do not go about displaying your allurements as in the former Time of Ignorance.” (Chapter Al Ahzab/The Clans:33)

The Prophet – peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- had described the act of ignorance as a foul and dirty act. Thus, the act of ignorance is the brother of tabarruj of the women during the time of ignorance. The Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“All things from the acts of the ignorants are kept under my feet.”
Be it the tabarruj of the ignorant, act of the ignorant, or its arrogance.

Tabarruj is Retardation

Uncovering of private parts and nudity is the nature of animal, and no one will tend to it except that she will fall deep into the lowest rank of human being, whom Allah have originally honored. From this point, it is clear how tabarruj is the sign of the damage of human nature, the absence of ghirah, and the loss of self-consciousness.
You lift up your clothes to your knee
By your Lord, what river that you’ll cross
The clothes is like the shadow in the morning
That keeps shortening, time to time
You think that the men are senseless
While it is you that probably are senseless

Tabarruj is the door to evenly-spread punishment

A person who take notice of the shari’a laws and the history (of Islam) will come to believe that Tabarruj does bring damages, and how it brings harm to her religion and worldly benefit, especially if it is worsened with the free mixing among men and women.

The Horrible Impact and Danger of Tabarruj

Women who do Tabarruj will compete in wearing unlawful adornments to attract people’s attention to them; an act that actually will destroy the morality and the wealth, and position women as lowly commodity. Among the danger of it are:
The damage of men’s morality, particularly the youth who will be lured to commit adultery.

Position women as promotional tool or to boost the business, or the like
Harmful for the women themselves, since Tabarruj shows the evil intention of what they displayed in order to lure the bad and the fool among men.
The spreading of disease, as in the Messenger of Allah-peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- saying,

“Adultery isn’t shown evidently among a nation until they publicly reveal it, except there will be a spreading of infectious disease among them, as well as other diseases that previously were non-existent among the former of their people.”
Facilitate the eyes to sin. The Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,”The sin (adultery) of the eyes is to see.” And making it difficult to restrain gaze, which is more dangerous than any bomb explosion or earthquake. Allah the Glorified and Exalted decreed, which can be translated as, “When We decide to destroy a town We command the affluent among them, whereupon they commit sins in it, then the decree (of chastisement) becomes due against them and thereafter We destroy that town utterly.” (Chapter Al Isra’/The Night Journey:16)
It is also mentioned in a hadith, that,

“Indeed, if mankind sees wrongdoing and doesn’t change it, it is feared that Allah will afflict punishment upon them.”

O sisters! Haven’t you read the Prophet’s saying –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- “ Remove any thorn from the muslims’ streets.” Thus, if removing thorns from the street is one of the branches of faith. Then which is the worse thorn, a stone in the middle of the street, or a trial that damages the heart, vanishing sanity, and spreading evils among the muslims?

Indeed, Allah will punish you severely on the Day of Resurrection for every man who is tempted because of you who has turned him away from remembering Allah and dissuaded him from the straight path, all while you are in fact able to prevent it from happening. Make haste to obey Allah, leave all critics and mocking from human being, since Allah will surely recount everything in precise.

Some conditions for a veil (hijab) to meet are:
Covering all of a woman’s body – based on the strongest opinion
It is basically not an adornment
Thick, and not thin or transparent
Loose, and not tight
It is not worn with fragrance
It doesn’t resemble the disbelievers’ garment
It doesn’t resemble men’s clothes
It is not worn to be showcased to others
Plus, for the woman, not to over-prettify herself

Looking at those conditions above, you’ll see that there are a lot of women these days who have claimed themselves wearing veil, are, in essence, haven’t wear it. They do not identify the veil with its true nature. They name tabarruj with veil, and evildoing as obedience. The enemies of Islamic revival are trying their best to derail those women, but then Allah thwarts their evil trick and toughens the believers upon obedience to their Lord. The enemies of Islam try to use the women using dirty tricks in order to turn them away from their Lord’s path, by producing various shapes of veil and label it as “the middle course”, through which they will be able to obtain their Lord’s please – said the tricker- while at the same time, they will be able to adapt to their environment and preserve their beauty.

We Hear, and we obey

An honest muslim will accept whatever his Lord orders him to do, and be haste in realizing it in his deed, spurred by his love and respect to Islam, his pride with His laws, and because he listens to and obey his Prophet’s command, and care nothing of the condition of the heretics who have turned away from the truth, and are negligent of the true place to return to that they have been waiting.
Allah denied any faith from a person who turns away from obedience to Him and His messenger, in His decree:

“They say: “We believe in Allah and the Messenger, and we obey,” but thereafter a faction of them turns away (from obedience). These indeed are not believers. When they are called to Allah and His Messenger that he (that is, the Messenger) may judge (the disputes) among them, a faction of them turns away.” (Chapter An Nuur/The Light:47-48)

In another verses, it is said that,

“When those that believe are called to Allah and His Messenger in order that he (that is, the Messenger) may judge their disputes among them, nothing becomes them but to say: “We hear and we obey.” Such shall attain true success. Those who obey Allah and His Messenger and fear Him and avoid disobeying Him: such, indeed, shall triumph.” (Chapter An Nuur/The Light:51-52)

From Shofiya daughter of Syaiba: “When we were with ‘Aisha –may Allah be pleased with her- she said, “I remember the women of Quraish, and their virtue.” ‘Aisha said, “Indeed, the women of Quraish have their virtue, and by Allah, I’ve never seen any women who are more faithful to the Holy Book of Allah and to His verses than the women of Anshar. When the verse “

“and to draw their veils over their bosoms,” (chapter An Nuur/The Light:31) was revealed to them, the husbands quickly came to their wives and read what Allah had sent down to them. They read it to their wives, daughters, sisters, and relatives. And none of the women but immediately stood up and grabbed the curtain and covered their heads and faces, due to their belief and faith in what Allah revealed in His book. Thus, they walked behind the Messenger of Allah –peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- by their cover, as if there were crows on their heads.”

Peace and prayer of Allah be upon our prophet, Muhammad, his family, and his companions.

Taken from the book “Al Hijab” by team of Darul Qosim. Translated and Lay-outed by: H. Sholahuddin Abdul Rahman, Lc

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