Sister, Are You Looking for Happiness?

Sister, Are You Looking for Happiness?

Author: Sheikh Ali Ibn Abdul Khaliq al Qorny

Sister (muslim women),

Indeed, happiness all lies within obedience to Allah. Happiness all lies on walking upon the path of Allah and His messenger. Allah decreed,

“Allah will set your deeds right for you and will forgive you your sins. Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has achieved a great triumph.” (Chapter Al Ahzab:71)

And indeed, all miseries lies in committing immorality against Allah and all adversities lies on any path other than Allah’s and His messenger’s path. Allah declared,

“And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has strayed to manifest error.” (Chapter Al Ahzab:36)


Allah has put you in a noble position, purifies and elevates your degree. There is no other teaching that elevates women’s position higher than Islam. Moreover, Allah has sent down many laws in His holy Book, that specifically deal with women’s problems. Whereas before the time of Islam, women were treated as cheap and lowly goods, as if they were worthless jewelry. They were despicable in the eyes of their guardian, their family, and their society. Therefore, sometimes they were treated as if they were animal, or even worse.

Verily, O sister, you will never find the honor except in this religion, thus hold it firmly, and listen to Allah’s decree, which reveals to you about the story of the people before your time. You should always remember it, so that you’ll praise Allah over the favors you’ve received.

Allah decreed,

“When any of them is told about the birth of a female his face turns dark, and he is filled with suppressed anger, and he hides himself from people because of the bad news, thinking: should he keep the child despite disgrace, or should he bury it in dust? How evil is their estimate of Allah! ” (Chapter An Nahl/The Bee: 58-59)


Know that your enemies are enormous in number, and indeed, there are many, many people who want to use you in order to destroy your religion, modesty, and virtues, and it could be that they come from among our own people.

One of them (the enemies of Islam) said, “The countries of the East will never reach prosperity except after a youth abandon her veil, and bury the Qur’an along with it!”. Indeed, by that, they wish to take you out to the woe and misery, they invite you the Inferno Hell. Thus, if you accept their invitation, they will throw you inside it. They want you to be perfidious woman, who did vile thing and expose her private part.

They try to lead you away, they very patiently wait for you to take off your abaya (muslim women’s clothes) and your veil along with all its consequences, of abandoning the faith, modesty, and purity, and other obligations. At that time, what you do will please them (the enemies), they will toy with you as children play with their ball, and as dogs toy with a carcass, may Allah protect you from them.


Make them angry, by take no notice of them, and listen none of their words; make them sad, by your steadfastness in holding onto your religion, preserving your modesty, and keeping your veil.


Indeed, some women depict the meaning of “sufur” as merely uncovering woman’s face, while it is not true…it is not confined in it. Indeed, sufur also means the tight, short, and thin clothes. Sufur also means spraying perfume before going out to places which have men in it. Sufur also means wearing a trouser. Don’t you hear the Prophet said, “There are two groups of the resident of Hell that I’ve never seen yet…(and he mentioned): Women who wear clothes yet naked, they have gone astray from the right path, and expose their vileness to others, their heads resemble the tilted camel’s hump, they will not enter the Paradise, and they will not smell its fragrance, while verily, the fragrance of The Paradise could be smelled from such-and-such of distance. ” (Narrated by Muslim).

The scholars explained that the meaning of the women who wear clothes yet naked is that they wear clothes, but the clothes are tight, thin, or do not cover all of their bodies.


Your religion is your very strong fortress, that will preserve your purity, modesty, and dignity. Your religion orders you to cover yourself, and adorn it with modesty. Whenever you neglect this order, you’ll suffer from Allah’s punishment, and in the world you’ll be the prey for the wolves among human being who intend to steal your virginity so that you’ll be in anguish for the rest of your life. However, some women -may Allah guide them to the right path- who have listened to those wolves’ call, instead, are working to help their Cause.


Fear Allah and carry out the tasks that He has obliged you to do. Whenever your heart feels hardened, remember about the calamity that happened to others. You never know when will it happen to you, and indeed, death is something that is bound to happen.

“Everyone is bound to taste death and you shall receive your full reward on the Day of Resurrection. Then, whoever is spared the Fire and is admitted to Paradise has indeed been successful. The life of this world is merely an illusory enjoyment.” (Chapter ‘Ali Imran/The Family of ‘Imran:185)

Remember, O the slaves of Allah, the day when you’ll be lied alone inside your grave, inside that dark and lonely hole. Remember when the Trumpet shall be sounded, and you’ll be gathered with all of the creatures barefooted, naked, and confused. The sun will be very near from you, about a mile, and you’ll be called with your name among the creatures for reckoning.

How will you do, O the slaves of Allah! Where goes your preparation, O women who neglect themselves! Will the fashion styles work at that time? Will the song, soap opera, film, and corrupt magazines be useful? Will the jewelries and jewels be helpful?

No, by Allah! Those things will never benefit you forever. The ones that will benefit you are only the good, righteous deeds, after the favor of The Lord of the universe.

Remember, fear Allah, O you who freely mingle with men! Fear Allah, O you who step out of your home using perfume and head out to the markets and the streets. Fear Allah, O you who allow yourself to be alone with strange man.

A man doesn’t be alone with a woman, except the satan will be the third of them.

Fear Allah, O you who educate your child with corrupt education. You do not remind them to obey Allah, do not admonish and do not show them whatever useful for them in the world and in the hereafter. Fear Allah and protect yourself from becoming the playing object of those with weak faith. Fear Allah and return to His guidance, before the day comes in which people’s hearts and sights will be flipped down. Know that Allah’s punishment is very harsh, and indeed, you -by Allah- will not stand to face the punishment in the Hell.

Indeed, when the mountains are passed through the Hell, they will melt down due to the fierceness of its fire. Thus, where are you, O weak woman, compared to the strong and tough mountains? Indeed, you could be patient to face hunger and thirst, and you could bear to endure the threat. However, by Allah Who is the Only deity, there is no patience over the Hell. Remember, and thus, save yourself from it before it is too late. Know that the world must come to its end, and the hereafter is the eternal place.

May Allah guide you to whatever pleases and beloved to Him, and may Allah benefit you from whatever you hear and read, and may Allah turn it into your support, and not one that’ll backfire you.

May peace and prayer of Allah be upon our Prophet, Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions.

Reference: As Sunnah magazine, 08th edition/ Year V/ 1422H – 2001M,

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