Solution to Overcome The Bad Credit

Solution to Overcome The Bad Credit


I have a house which I had sold seven years ago, and the buyer has paid half of it’s price. After seven years in his possession, he admitted that he is can’t pay the rest of the price and he’d like to sell the house to pay his debt to me. What do you think is the solution?


The frankness of that man to you indicated that he has appointed you as his representative to sell the house for him. Thus, you may sell it, then the price may be taken to cover up the man’s debt to you. But if after settling the debt there are still some money left, then the rest should be given to the man who sell that house, since you just help to sell a thing that he already possessed. basically, all of the house price belong to the owner, whereas your right is merely an amount which is enough to settle his debt or added with fees that were needed to sell the house. While the rest of the money belong to that house owner.


Author: Ustadz. Aris Munandar, S.S., M.PI.
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