Rulings regarding A man Working as An Economy Lecturer

Rulings regarding A man Working as An Economy Lecturer

Several days ago, there was a question about the ruling for lecturing about economy in the article of “Rulings regarding Teaching the Non Muslims”. It was written as follows:

“Assalamu’alaikum. I teach the subject of financial management and the like, in which there is an explanation of interest calculation. Almost chapters of this subject are related to the interest rate. What is the rulings for teaching such subject? “

Questioner: Mr. Teguh Junanto

Such question was also asked to Sheikh Sulaiman Ibn Abdullah al Majid, a member of The Council of saudi Arabia.

“I am a student majoring in financial management. In this year I’ve graduated, and, all praises be to Allah, I am appointed as an assistant of lecturer. The problem now is that 80 percent of subjects and topics that I should teach the students about are about the bank interest, usury, and it’s usage either in personal or corporation level. The subjects beside the usury and bank are also disagreeable in Islamic shari’a.

The question is, is it forbidden for me to teach my students those subjects?

If I taught them to my students, and after that I explained to them the forbidden state of those subjects, am I already free from the sin of explaining it?”


Sheikh Sulaiman Ibn Abdullah al Majid replied:

“Learning and teaching the trading and financial knowledges are ALRIGHT, although those knowledges contain some unlawful materials. Because by understanding it, we might be able to criticize it, and we might altogether use the useful things in those knowledges, as long as it doesn’t contradict the boundary of shari’a. A muslim who learn about those sciences, by his knowledge, might be able to participate in making the laws and acts that are beneficial for the muslims, or replacing the laws that contradict the shari’a rules with the non-contradicting ones.

As a lecturer, you are obliged to explain to your students during your lecture, which things of the subject that are trespassing the shari’a rules.


Author: Ust. Aris Munandar, S.S., M.PI.

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