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Giving commission to the employees

Giving commission to the employees


Is a gift presented by a boss to his employees due to his devotion in working is included in bribery, since the value of the gift is higher than the employee’s salary?

The answer of Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen:

No, it is not considered as bribery as long as it is used to motivate the employees to work at their best. But if the employee refused to accomplish his task unless he is given a gift, then such gift in this condition is a form of bribery. Such gift is unlawful for the employee because it is given so that he perform his obligatory task appropriately. Whereas the principle in this affair is that one is not allowed to ask or to receive a gift in order to accomplishing his obligation.

There are two kinds of gift or commission for employees that must be differentiated:

The first is a gift presented in order to motivate them to keep or even increase their good works.

The second is a gift given so that the employees will be willing to accomplish their obligations, whereas accomplishing it is indeed a compulsory thing for them to do, with or without the gift. Thus, this kind of gift is unlawful for one who received it.

As for the first kind of gift, that is motivational gift to the employee after he or she worked excellently, is a permissible gift and it is not a bribe. Unless if the gift causes a bad impact on future, such as the employees are getting addicted to it. If they do not get it, they will work carelessly. If that is the impact, then such motivational gift becomes unlawful since every legal facility that lead to forbidden thing is forbidden too.

(Taken from : “ Fatawa Muhimmah li Muwazhzhaf al Ummah”, Page of 28).

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Author: Ust. Aris Munandar, S.S., M.PI.

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