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Rulings regarding the Salary of Teacher in Hifdhul Qur’an (Qur’an memorization)

 Rulings regarding the Salary of Teacher in Hifdhul Qur’an


Is it allowed to receive salary from working as a teacher in Qur’an memorization subject at the schools for Qur’an memorization?


If the salary is a kind of compensation for him spending his time for teaching the Qur’an memorization, then it is alright for him to receive it. The experts in jurisprudence from the latter generation had allowed imams of mosques and permanent callers at the mosques, and teachers of religious subjects or Qur’an memorization to receive salary, because they have spared their time to be an imam, and to announce the prayer calls, and the salary itself is not a wage of their praying, announcing of the calls, nor teaching the religious subjects.

An imam at a certain mosque who received the salary certainly wouldn’t say, “If I don’t get my salary I will not pray.” If there is someone who says as such, it is no doubt that he is the worst of Allah’s creatures. The teacher in Qur’an lessons also would be impossible to say, “If it’s not for the salary, I wouldn’t teach them the Qur’an.” Such kind of person will not get the Hereafter rewards for their deeds.

و النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول: {خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه}

The Prophet said, “The best of you is the one who study the Qur’an and teach people the Qur’an. (Narrated by Al Bukhari)

As the conclusion, the salary of teacher who teach and guide his student to memorize the Qur’an, which he receive because he has spent and focused his time to teach, is alright, although, it is better if he doesn’t take it, moreover for people who has earned enough for his living from other sources. (Fatwa of Sheikh Mashur Hasan al Salman, question no. 189)

Author: Ust. Aris Munandar, S.S., M.PI.
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