Elementary School kid

Ruling for Gifts from Elementary School kid

Ruling for Gifts from Elementary School kid


I am an elementary school teacher. At one event, my students gave me a gift. I fully realized that such gift is an unlawful gift, but those children didn’t understand about the consequence of their act. It was impossible for me to evidently reject the gift, since they assumed that their teacher will be very happy receiving their gift. What should I do?


There are no other choices for you but to reject the gift, because it is unlawful for you to have.

If you think that it is impossible to reject and return the gift openly to your students, because they are just elementary kids who do not understand why would their gift be rejected, then you should return it through their parents.

If this choice is also impossible to do, then after you received it, you should buy something with similar or more expensive value than the gift they gave, and give it to them.

Fatwa issued by Sheikh Ubaid al Jabiri. The arabic version of this fatwa could be read here: http://ar.miraath.net/fatwah/3525

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