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Some Shopping centers put a hidden number in one of their products. And whoever coincidently find that number, will be rewarded. This strategy is aimed to increase their sales. Is this strategy legal to the law?


It is widely known that some manufacturer of certain packed beverages hide a number among a hundred or two of their products, and whoever find it, will be given some prizes. As the result, lots of people buy the products altogether (while actually they do not need it), hoping to find the hidden number. Even worse, there are people who bought a hundred packs of certain beverage, opened it one by one and discarded the beverage, only because they hope to find number and win the prize.

Furthermore, many people, who were lured to buy the products, were only get the number after they had bought for about a hundred packs, more or less.

Lottery - Question and Answer

This strategy certainly resembles gambling. In this trick, consumers were absent-mindedly swayed to buy the beverage, while it was useless to them or the price was way too high. Thus, it is considered as taking (eating) other people’s wealth illegally, and due to that, is prohibited.

And we advise to avoid buying from these manufacturers, in order to keep our wealth from being spent for useless things.

Author: Abu ‘Ukkasha Aris Munandar, M.PI
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