Is it compulsory for a child to help his parent in performing pilgrimage?

Is it compulsory for a child to help his parent in performing pilgrimage?

Among our societies there is a belief that of the many forms of a child’s devotion to his parents, one of it is when that child was given plenty of provisions and riches, whereas his parents were poor, then he was obliged to help his parent to perform the pilgrimage. Moreover, if the money were just enough for one person, then the child should give the money to his parent so that he or she could perform the pilgrimage first. Well, we need to know that such belief is a misconception.

In a book titled, “I’lam al Muwaqqi’in”- 2/223, with corrections from Masyhur Hasan Salman, it is said that: :

ولا يجب عليه الزكاة ولا الحج بغنى الآخر

“Parent are not obliged to pay zakat nor to perform pilgrimage just because their children are rich.”

The obligation of hajj or pilgrimage is directed to those with physical and financial ability to perform a journey to Mecca, and if these abilities belong to parent, then the one who are obliged to do it is the parent, and it is not compulsory for them to finance their children to embark on that holy journey.

Likewise, when the children got the abilities, he or she should perform the pilgrimage and it is not compulsory for him or her to finance the pilgrimage of his or her parent.

But if the child has abundant of sustenances thus he could perform the pilgrimage with his parent, then this action is considered as a righteous deed, and not an obligation and a form of his devotion to his parent.

Likewise, if a child has managed to perform the pilgrimage, and after that he still has some money to finance the pilgrimage of his parent. In this condition, it is alright for him to do so.

But if the money the child owned were just fit for one person, the question is, who should get the priority to perform the pilgrimage first? The answer is the child should perform the pilgrimage first using that money, because the obligation was his since he has the ability to perform it. Whereas his parent weren’t obliged to perform the pilgrimage because they have no ability to do it.

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