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A Serving by the Debtor

A serving by the debtor


I have some money that I lent to a man. When I went to his house to collect it, I drank the coffee that he served to me. Was that coffee similar to usury to me?


It is mentioned that when Abu Hanifa collected the debt of a businessman who owed him, he refused to sit under the roof of that man. When he was asked about it, his answer was, “Every debt that yielding benefit, that benefit is an usury. I don’t want this credit of mine yields such benefit’.

That saying of Imam Abu Hanifah above wasn’t the Prophet’s saying, but rather, a correct principle in jurisprudence. The saying also quoted by some of the tabeen, such as Qatada, as narrated by Abdurrazzaq in his work “al Mushonnaf”. Hence, all kind of debt which gives benefit, that benefit is an unlawful property, because debt should not create any benefit, since it is a form of worship and obedience to Allah.

It is mentioned in a hadith narrated by Ibn Hibban that whoever gives a loan without asking for any additional charge (which is usury), will be counted as spending in charity with half of that loan.
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