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Ruling of Zakat Investment in Zakat Distributor Foundation

Calculating Zakat of Gold

Ruling of Zakat Investment in Zakat Distributor Foundation

Among things that are questioned is regarding zakat that is paid to social foundation, to be distributed to the poor, is the foundation allowed to invest it?

The answer is no, it is not allowed. In shari’a the zakat payer is ordered to distribute his zakat to the poor. Therefore, zakat payer is not allowed to invest it since it is contrary to Allah’s order to him. Likewise, representation of zakat payer, that is the social foundation that is trusted to distribute the zakat to the rightful. The foundation is obliged to distribute it immediately.

Beside that, what so-called investment sometimes causes some loss and no one can guarantee that it will always yield profit. For sure, if any loss happened, then the one suffering from it is the poor as its rightful owner.

This is the explanation given by Sheikh Dr Saad Syatsri in the second virtual lecture of the Minah Seminar held byJamiah al Ma’rifah al ‘Alamiyyah 1433 H

Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, MPi

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The MMM Transaction

The MMM Transaction

The MMM Transaction

Question: To be straight to the point, I’d like to ask, is the MMM business system is considered usury?. You may not know yet what is MMM. MMM or Mavrodj Mondial Moneybox is a community founded by Mr. Sergey Mavrodi to prosper the member/participant of that community by helping each other among members, with a reward of 30% per month, or more. Thus, in this business system, there are circulating money among members by transferring to one another.

In this system, there is what so-called PH, a short for Provide Help. After 1 month, we do GH (Get Help) and we get 30%. The problem is where do that 30 % come from? The 30 % come from this pattern: For example, we as A. A will provide help as many as 1 million, then the system will randomly choose people who’ll accept that help, and those people should simultaneously make GH application. The scheme is:

– A transfers to B IDR 100,000

– A transfers to C IDR 500,000

– A transfers to D IDR 400,000

Then after approximately one month, mavro IDR (rupiah in the form of mavro) will add 30% to our money. And after the due time, and the mavro IDR has reached 1,300,000, we automatically GH. The system has arranged it and people who’ll give help are different from the previous ones.

– E transfers to A IDR 200,000

– F transfers to A IDR 500,000

– G transfers to A IDR 100,000

– H transfers to A IDR 500,000

E, F, G, H are playing as PH, and A as GH.

Thus, the money will always circulate and time of each member to be PH or GH will not be the same.

I’m asking whether or not this system regarded as usurious? It is evident that our intention to help is sincere without hoping for return, and people thar we help are different from the one gives us help.

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Islam forbids us to be rich?

Islam forbids us to be rich

Islam forbids us to be rich?

The title above is a satirical sentence that might come from those who protested after reading the yesterday status about “Divorce, started from the wish to start an independent business.” For certain conditions, I myself could understand the protest, particularly if it came from a person who was motivated by the preachings of several well-known preacher about a rich muslim.

Or, probably some others labelled me as a “deflator of spirit”, motivation-killer for those who were attempting to proliferate the entrepreneurship by the reason that this country needed many entrepreneurs, at least 2% of its total citizen, to support the country’s economy.

Well, it’s alright to issue a protest, but I hope that the yesterday status was read clear-mindedly and open-heartedly, thus the reader didn’t make any conclusion in haste.
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