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How to Socialize Successfully

How to Socialize Successfully

Sincerity, The Key to Successful Social Life

For a muslim, socializing with others should be based on correct intention and motivation. If he hates or loves them, encourages or discourages them, and does or doesn’t do something because of Allah the Glorified and Exalted, he will obtain pleasures in socializing with anyone.

Regarding these notation, Sheikh al Islam Ibn Taimiyya composed a beautiful saying, “You could obtain your pleasure in socializing with other people if you interact with them because of Allah, you expect for Allah’s please and not their please, you fear Allah and not them, you do good to them because you’re expecting Allah’s rewards and not their, you do not oppress them because of your fear of Allah, and not of them. It is as mentioned in a narration, “Expect your rewards from Allah regarding the human affairs, and do not expect for reward from human in Allah’s affair. Fear Allah in regards to the human affairs, and do not fear human regarding Allah’s affair.”
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