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Employee and Wage: Through Islamic Perspective (part 1)

Employee and Wage Through Islamic Perspective

Employee and Wage: Through Islamic Perspective (part 1)

Author: Prof. Muhammad

(Chairman of Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Islam (STEI)Yogyakarta)

Islam has a distinct perspective regarding employment which contains at least four principles to honor the employee or worker’s rights, including the wage distribution system.

Worker and his wage is something inseparable. Both has always became interesting topic to discuss about; even the labor strike also mostly about their demand to get a raising in salary. My article this time will be discussing about these two important topics. Important, I say, because policy in the minimum wage sector has became a part of a wider agenda of reformation of employment. This policy arises after the economic crisis in 1997/1998; also, in Indonesia, through the government’s commitment regarding the minimum wage of the worker.
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Establishing The Gender of Babies according to Medical and Islamic perspectives

Establishing The Gender of Babies according to Medical and Islamic perspectives

Establishing The Gender of Babies according to Medical and Islamic perspectives


Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Shalih Al Uthaymeen was asked: How to correlate between the ever-developing medical science as today, when it is able to reveal the sex of babies which are still in their mother’s womb, whether they are boy or girl, and Allah’s verse:

“It is He Who sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs,” (Chapter Luqman: 34)

Besides, what about the interpretation of some scholars, such as mentioned in the tafseer of Ibn Jarir, from Mujahid, that a man came to ask to the Prophet -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- about what will his wife give birth to. Then Allah revealed the previous verse – as narrated by Qatada -. What is the specificity that is contained in the generality of Allah’s verse. “What is in the wombs”?


Before we discuss about this matter, I’d like to explain that it is absolutely impossible for a contradiction to happen between the Qur’an and phenomena that we see today.
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Again, About Debt

about debt

In the name of Allah.

“O Allah, please ease and help me.”

In Question and Answer section of the site, we often received many whines about debt. Often too, some of those whiner told about the advice of shaman in their mails. Among them there are people who use the chapter Al Fatihah as their secret trick to be rich, or use recitation made by the “Kiai” (religious figure). Indeed, there are various ways people take to obtain money instantly when they are cornered.

Dear readers, probably it has became human’s trademark. When he is cornered, shari’a rules are much lesser priority. Even though he has to sacrifice his faith, he’ll do it, or anything; the most important thing is to solve the problem as soon as possible. Indeed, this is the portrait of a looser, whose patience is as paper thin, upon carrying trial that Allah has destined for him.
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Ruling of Bank Deposit

Ruling of Bank Deposit

Definition of Bank Deposit

Author: Ustadz Said Yai Ardiansyah, MA

One of the products issued by bank is deposit. Deposit is a kind of saving that can not be withdrawn until the certain period of time agreed ends, with the benefit of obtaining percentage of profit from the deposited money. If it is drawn before the its due time, then the bank will charge the owner with some fines.

The example is as follows:

Joko wanted to save his money in deposit account. He deposited IDR 50 millions of his money in 3 months period. The interest rate of deposit is 5% per year, thus, in each month, he received = IDR  50 millions x 5 % : 12 months =IDR 208.333,33. Next, the sum is charged with income tax of 20%, hence, in three months, Joko received IDR 208.333,33 x 3 months = IDR 625.000,00 before taxed.

Joko needn’t to worry about the money he deposited, since it certainly yields profit albeit small. Even though the bank goes bankrupt, or suffers from losses, it still has to pay the profit/interest of his money.
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Housing Credit and Government’s Role

Housing Credit

Verdict of Majma’ Al-fiqh Al-islami (under the Islamic Conference Organization)

Verdict of Majma’ Al-fiqh Al-islami (under the Islamic Meeting) about the Housing Credit and Government Role (Source: Al-Majma’ Muktamar magazine, episode VI, volume 1, page 81)

Council of Majma’ Al-Fiqh Al-Islami held up the 6th grand meeting in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dated 17th-23rd of Sya’ban, 1410 H, coincided 14-20 March 1990 AD.

After studying studies presented to Al Majma’ and regarding the running discussion about the problem of housing credit, Majma’ Al-Fiqh Al-Islami decreed:
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