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Ruling of Arisan( Gathering) of Household Equipment

gathering of household equipment

Ruling of Gathering of Household Equipment

Assalamu’alaikum. May Allah bless you.

Ustadz, I’d like to ask. What is the ruling of holding a gathering of household equipment,  in which I as the host of the gathering provide the equipment. For example, a pan. The price of a pan is IDR 500,000. Thus, we make a gathering of five person for five months, and each member pays IDR 100.000 monthly.

The question is:

What is the ruling for my action, if I as the host – as well as reseller of pan- buy a pan from the supplier with the price of IDR 400.000, and I provide it for the gathering I created with the price of IDR 500.000? Is it permissible, bearing in mind that from that gathering, I receive monthly profit of IDR 100.000 from the price of pan?

May Allah reward you greatly.

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The World is for you, not you for the world!

The World is for you, not you for the world!

Very strange indeed, if human pursues the world that was created for him, to the extent that it seems that he is the one created for it – protection belongs to Allah alone -, in which he slaves himself to the world with utter devotion, forcing his body and soul, sacrificing his relaxing and family time for it….to get what? He may loose it in a blink of an eye! He may go out of his home, never to return, or sleep on his bed, never to wake again, and these things happen for real.
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Mudharaba of Shari’a Bank: Sharing Usury that is masked with the label “Shari’a”

Scholarship from Bank

Sharing Usury that is masked with the label “Shari’a”

Inside the practice of mudharaba product in shari’a bank, there is a controversial stipulation, that is: the mudharib (fund manager) is required to give full warranty over the fund lent by bank from any kind of loss. The product is considered as a new invention in mudharaba that is never been seen before. It is called mudharabah musytarakah.

mudharabah musytarakah is a combination of two words, mudharabah and musytarakah.

The meaning of mudharaba is transaction of investment between the funder (money/asset owner/shahibul mal) and the fund manager (mudharib) to start a certain business with profit-sharing system based on percentage agreed by both parties, whereas the loss of capital will only be borne by the funder.

Musytarakah means: union, combination or group. Thus essentially, Mudharabah musytarakah is a common mudharaba modified into a product of shari’a bank to replace  saving/deposit with interest of conventional bank.
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