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A Proper Will in Shari’a

A Proper Will in Shari'a

A Proper Will in Shari’a

Author: ustadz Aris Munandar MPI

Misunderstanding a will brings fatal effect. Mistake in will means transgression of right. Thus, as a good muslim, we shall understand about this matter, since we’re all heading to our death.

Several days before I wrote this article, I had a conversation with a man who comes from a polygamous family – his father had two wives, and he was his son from the second wife. From the first wife, his father had nine child, whereas from his second wife, he had five child. Before his father died, he wrote a will contains arrangement of division of inheritance of his wealth. Children of the second wife were given inheritance of two locations, whereas children of the first wife were given inheritance of one location but with greater value. This is the example of will that is not allowed in shari’a.

A question arises, “Why it is considered as prohibited will?”. Find the answer in the article below.

Definition of Will

The word “wasiat” (will) is one of the Arabic words that has been adopted in Indonesia language. In its mother language, it means a stressed (emphasized) order.
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