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Regarding the Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting Service

Regarding the Web Hosting Service


Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh

[1]. What is the ruling for starting a business in web hosting service?

In this business, we give people some spaces to put their data in so that other people from around the world could access it via internet. Generally, people rent the space for personal interest, or their business interest.

The problem is that sometimes, there are people who misuse the space their rent to accommodate some interests that are against the shari’a rules, such as making it as places to upload the forbidden file of pictures and videos, mp3s of music (and stolen softwares), etc. Is this business unlawful, due to the possibility of misuse as explained here?

Or is it lawful, since what being rented are spaces, and the use is up to the renter?

– Similar question also applies on business of telecommunication service (such as cellular operator), which could be used to accommodate allowable private interests, such as enjoining people to goodness, but at the same time could be misused as to be used as a tool for courtship between unmarried couple, make a deal in unlawful business, etc.

[2]. Supposed that the business is currently running, as a web hosting manager, are we allowed to peek into the datas of the renter, in order to monitor the files that are entrusted to us? Or shall we leave it without supervision, bearing in mind that all responsibilities of space hosting use belongs to the renter?
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