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Money, The Key of Allah’s Favors?

Money, The Key of Allah's Favors

Money, The Key of Allah’s Favors?


All praises be to Allah, the Exalted. Peace and prayer might always bestowed upon Prophet Muhammad, peace and prayer of Allah be upon him-, his family, and his devoted companions. Amin.

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Delicious foods served without tiresome cooking efforts. Grand, luxurious house without saving for ages. Great, handsome cars line in front of the very door. People looking with awe. And beautiful, charming ladies are always dreaming to be your spouse.

What a life, indeed. I believe you’d also be glad to make it true. Isn’t it so, my brother?

Without Money, Life tastes Sour

Those daydreams could be realized with much much money and tons of gold. Thus, even if you don’t have too ambitious a dream, you’ll realize that money is the key to those dreams. Enemy would turn into best friend, difficulty would flick into ease, and bitterness would change into cheerfulness. All thanks to money, that smooth everything out.
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