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Ruling of Arisan( Gathering) of Household Equipment

gathering of household equipment

Ruling of Gathering of Household Equipment

Assalamu’alaikum. May Allah bless you.

Ustadz, I’d like to ask. What is the ruling of holding a gathering of household equipment,  in which I as the host of the gathering provide the equipment. For example, a pan. The price of a pan is IDR 500,000. Thus, we make a gathering of five person for five months, and each member pays IDR 100.000 monthly.

The question is:

What is the ruling for my action, if I as the host – as well as reseller of pan- buy a pan from the supplier with the price of IDR 400.000, and I provide it for the gathering I created with the price of IDR 500.000? Is it permissible, bearing in mind that from that gathering, I receive monthly profit of IDR 100.000 from the price of pan?

May Allah reward you greatly.

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