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Employee and Wage: Through Islamic Perspective (part 1)

Employee and Wage Through Islamic Perspective

Employee and Wage: Through Islamic Perspective (part 1)

Author: Prof. Muhammad

(Chairman of Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Islam (STEI)Yogyakarta)

Islam has a distinct perspective regarding employment which contains at least four principles to honor the employee or worker’s rights, including the wage distribution system.

Worker and his wage is something inseparable. Both has always became interesting topic to discuss about; even the labor strike also mostly about their demand to get a raising in salary. My article this time will be discussing about these two important topics. Important, I say, because policy in the minimum wage sector has became a part of a wider agenda of reformation of employment. This policy arises after the economic crisis in 1997/1998; also, in Indonesia, through the government’s commitment regarding the minimum wage of the worker.
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