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Safer Accounts and Investments than Banking

The Safest Investment According to Qur’an and Sunnah (Prophetic Guidance)

All this time, we save our money at the bank to keep it safe, not decreasing, and not stolen by others. We deposit it to the bank to achieve benefits and multiply our wealth. For so long, bank has been considered as the safest place to invest and to keep or money safe. But is it true, factually?

As a perfect religion, Islam has enlighten the best way to keep our riches safe, and to double it. Unfortunately, most of us do not recognize this important knowledge, or void of faith in it, whereas the One promises to keep it safe and bestow lots of benefits is Allah, Lord of The Worlds, The Wealthiest of all Who Masters All Objects of Universe.

We trust banks, which are led by powerless men, but we only trust and acknowledge the promises of Allah as mere concepts inside religious forum and discussions, without real and thorough practice.

Safer Accounts and Investments than Banking

The solution Islam offered is simple, “Charity”, which means spending wealth in Allah’s cause. Yes, dear brother, be sure that performing charitable deeds will help us to:

Safe-keep out wealth (Even much safer than the bank), and it will not be decreasing even just a bit due to charity.
Multiply our wealth (Even hundreds-folds better than the interest of bank deposits)

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