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Is it considered as a debt?

Is it considered as a debt

Is it considered as a debt?


Assalamu’alaikum, Ustadz.

When I was at school, I became one of the member of the internal student committee or OSIS. But in the end of our period, there were losses or mismatch in our balance, meaning that our organization cash was less than it should be. Therefore, after that, several of us -the committee- promised the organization advisor to replace it. But I realized that I’ve done wrong by postponing the payment until now, when I am currently studying at a college. The amount that is still left to be paid is IDR 300.000, but for these times, the one who mostly paid it was I since I was the chief of the committee thus I felt that it was my responsibility.

Even though it was never been questioned anymore, but I feel that this problem is still unsettled. Whereas the other committee members give no more responses regarding the replacement. Is it considered as a debt for me?

May Allah rewards you for your kind answer.

From: Ibn Ghazali albinjy
Binjai, North Sumatra
Email address: [email protected]
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