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Money Prize

Money prize

Money prize

“When we bought some house paints, sometimes we found a money prize given by the paint manufacturer to the buyer, valued as IDR 20.000, or more. Is such prize allowed in Islam? “

The ruling of such practice has been debated by the jurisprudence scholars. There are two opinions regarding this matter:

The first opinion stated that it was unlawful, because it was included in transactions which were termed by the past time scholars as “ muddu ajwah wa dirham”, an exchange of a usury commodity with the similar of it’s kind, but in one of the commodity there was additional, non-usury stuff.

For example: Dates were exchanged with dates, but with the second dates, there were additional stuff in the form of money. The exchanging of dates was an exchanging of similar usury commodity, but in one side of it, that was the second dates, there was an additional stuff which was not similar to the exchanged commodity. In this case, the stuff was money. This was the case of which the past time scholars named as, “Maddu ajwah wa dirham’.
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