Upon Working as A Driver (Question and Answer session with Sheikh Ubaid al Jabiri -may Allah preserve him-)

Upon Working as A Driver

Upon Working as A Driver


What is the rulings for working as a taxi driver, in which sometimes there are free mixing occur between man and woman, because sometimes there is a man sitting beside a woman in it?


The questioner might be asking about the public bus that carries both men and women at the same time.

If the bus belongs to himself, then he should divide the bus into specific parts, one part for men only and the other for women.

If the bus belongs to other and you are just the driver, whose salary is given by the bus owner and the condition happened to be as you’ve said, be patient with your current job and try your best to separate between the men and women passengers, until Allah gives you a better job than your current job. If you have found a better job, then you should move to that job.

For your information, the advice to be patient in job that contains violation of shari’a above applied for those who need the job badly, since he has so little for his living thus he needs to work. As for people who already have sufficient living, avoiding such job is clearly a better choice and stronger in preserving his religion and honor.


What if the job is a driver of a minibus that is used by the infidels and evil men thus there are mixings between male and female passengers in it, whereas the driver has an authority to arrange the seat of his passengers?


If the driver has an authority over his vehicle, then he should make his bus to carry men exclusively or women exclusively. For example, sometimes he refused to carry the male passenger when he saw that there were already many female passengers in it. In another occasion, he refused to carry the female passenger when he saw that there were male passengers inside his minibus. He should do as suggested if it is possible for him to do.


If there are signs when two people, male and female, are stopping his car, that the male isn’t the mahram (people who aren’t allowed to marry each other, such as siblings, -ed) of the female beside him, is it alright for him to load them?

If the signs reached the level of half-certain, that they are a couple, then he shouldn’t carry them in his car.

The article above is taken from a question and answer session with Sheikh Ubaid Al Jabiri, provided by the source of http://ar.miraath.net/fatwah/3549

Author: Ustadz Aris Munandar, M.P.I
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