Reward and Chastisement

Reward and chastisement depend on the kind of deed, according to Allah’s law. This is the reason Allah created heavens and earth, as mentioned in His decree, which can be translated as,

“(Even though you have the right to speak evil if you are wronged), if you keep doing good – whether openly or secretly – or at least pardon the evil (then that is the attribute of Allah). Allah is All-Pardoning and He has all the power to chastise.” (QS. An-Nisa/The Women: 149)

And His decree,

“Rather, let them forgive and forbear. Do you not wish that Allah should forgive you? Allah is Ever Forgiving, Most Merciful. “ (QS. An-Nur/The Light: 22)

The Prophet -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

“Whoever does not love (for others), then he is not loved”

He also said,

“Allah is odd (witr) and likes the odd.”

And he said,

“Indeed, Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.”

And he said,

“Truly, Allah is good, and He receives nothing but the well.”

He also said,

“Verily Allah is clean, loves cleanliness.”

Thus, it is ordered to mutilate the hand of stealers, to mutilate the hand and foot of burglars, and retribution regarding blood, wealth, and soul. If it is possible to equal the punishment to the kind of wickedness, that is rightful in shari’a, according to ability. For example, the story narrated from Umar Ibn Khaththab -may Allah be pleased with him- about false witness. He ordered to put that witness on a vehicle in reverse, and his face was blackened. Because he had dared tossing words, then his face was tossed and because he had blackened other’s face (embarrass the accused) by his lies, then his face was blackened either. This narration about punishment to the false witness has been mentioned by a group of scholars from the companion of Ahmad, and others than them.

Hence, Allah the Holy and Exalted decreed, which can be translated as,

“Whoever lived in this world as blind shall live as blind in the Life to Come; rather, he will be even farther astray than if he were (just) blind.” (QS. Al-Isra/The Night Journey: 72)

He also decreed,

“But whosoever turns away from this Admonition from Me shall have a straitened life; We shall raise him blind on the Day of Resurrection,” where-upon he will say: “Lord! Why have You raised me blind when I had sight in the world?” He will say: “Even so it is. Our Signs came to you and you ignored them. So shall you be ignored this Day.” (QS. Thaha/Ta-ha: 124-126)

It is mentioned in a hadith,

“The arrogant and they who felt great will be gathered in the form of the sand trampled by men with their legs.”

Because they had mocked Allah’s slaves, then He mock them for the justice of His slaves. As those who are being humble due to fear of Allah, will be granted noble degree and Allah will make His slaves to be humble to them. May Allah rectify our condition, and conditions of our faithful brothers, and guide us and all of our faithful brothers, to things He loves and He is pleased with, words and deeds. All praises be to Allah, Lord of the universe, and may He bestow prayers upon our predecessor, Muhammad, his family, and his companions.

Reference: “The Collection of Fatwa of Ibn Taimiyya”, by Sheikh al Islam Ibn Taimiyya. Publisher: Darul Haq


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