A Cup of Hot Chocolate

A Cup of Hot Chocolate

A Cup of Hot ChocolateA group of alumnae gathered up for a reunion, and then decided to visit their favorite professor who has already retired. At their visit, the talks changed into grievances about the stresses of their life and jobs.

The professor served hot chocolate to his guests. He went to the kitchen and returned with a big pot of hot chocolate and various types of cups: china, glass, crystal, etc; some were fine and expensive, but many others were plain and cheap. He told them to take the hot chocolate by themselves.

When all of them had got a cup of hot chocolate in their hands, the wise professor said, “Look, all the fine and expensive cups had been taken. What left now is just the plain and cheap cups. Indeed, it is very normal of you to wish for the best. But that is the source of your problems and stresses.”

“The cup wouldn’t add the quality of the hot chocolate. In most of the cases, it would just make it more expensive, and even hided what we drink. What you really want is actually the hot chocolate, not the cup. But unconsciously, you wanted the best cup. Then, you would begin to look at each other and compared your own cup to others.”

The alumnae were silent, and listened intently to the professor’s advice.

“Now think about it: Life is the hot chocolate. Job, money, and position are the cups. Those are the tools to hold and enjoy the life itself. The cup you own will not depict, or change, the quality of life you are having. “

“Sometimes, by focusing on the cup, we would fail to enjoy the hot chocolate that God has given to us. God made the hot chocolate, but men chose the cups. The happiest persons are not those who have all of the best. They simply made the best of what they had. “

The professor paused for a while, take a breath, and continued, “Live the life modestly. Be generous, give your attention towards people around you, and at the end, please enjoy your hot chocolate. “


Author: Ustadz Adni Kurniawan, Lc.

Article of www.syaria.com

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