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Pearls of Wisdom from The Corn Farmer

A writer named James Bender once revealed in his book, “How to Talk Well” [New York; McGray-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1994], about a farmer who grown excellent-quality corns, and often won awards from his achievements.

One day, a journalist of local newspaper interviewed him, and unveiled his success’ secret.

He surprisingly found that the farmer used to dispersed his seeds to his neighbors before they started to grow the corns.

“How could you share your corn seeds to your neighbors, and then compete in the same competition every year?” he asked astonishingly.

Pearls of Wisdom from The Corn Farmer

The farmer simply replied, “Don’t you know that winds blow pollens from the near-fruited corn, from one field to another? If my neighbor grown low quality corn, it will affect my corn when the cross-fertilization occur. Thus, if I want to produce top quality corns, I must help them to grow good corns too.”

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The Everlasting Saving

The common characteristic found in human is that they are fond to save, or to pile up wealth and properties. But rarely that they aware, the true possession of them are ones spent in well-causes.

Lots of people are in haste to seek money and save it to be used when they reach old age. Basically, this motive is absolutely legal, as long as they gain it through legal ways and fulfill their obligations upon it, such as paying the zakat (obligational charities) and spending for their family necessities.

everlasting saving

But there is a much better saving than that, that is their righteous deeds in any forms of it, in order to seek the salvation in the Last Day. A day where wealth, kids, and authorities will be of no use. It is undeniable that wealth has a power to dazzle those who loves it and blinded them, thus they believe that wealth is everything in this world.

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The Best Insurance in The World

There were two merchants, one came from Kuwait, and the other came from Saudi Arabia. They were sidekick, united by one religion: Islam. They loved each other, in brotherly love, thus they became brothers in Islam, each loved his partner as he loved himself. They agreed to form a business affiliation that could strengthen their brotherhood bond and make it firmer. Allah has guided them to start a legal business, and they became a fine role model of the sincere, genuine brotherhood in Islam. Their business advanced rapidly, and it grew larger. They worked on so many projects, and due to Allah’s bounty – Exalted be He-, those projects yielded abundance of profits.

best insurance in the world

One day, they sat together talking about various things. Then, the Kuwait merchant told his partner, “Why don’t we insure our business?”

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Ruling of Arisan


What is the ruling of arisan, i.e. regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money?


Arisan, defined as numbers of people agreed to collect similar sum of money every month. The total money will be given to each member of the group in turns, until all of the members (ever) get it. This is a form of debt and credit in helping the needy and is a kind of good manner.

Arisan is included in debt and credit transaction because the one who get the money wants to spend the money to afford various needs, and then give it back exactly as the sum he received.

ruling of arisan

It is not appropriate to categorized arisan in the form of exchanging money for money, because if it is so, what benefits will the money seller acquired after he sold his money without cash -payment, over a year, and when it was returned to him, the amount is exactly as before? It is known that no one would do such thing, thus, arisan is a type of debt and credit, which based on social motives.

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The Meaning of La Ilaha Illa Allah (None has the right to be worshipped but Allah)

Etymologic meaning of word ‘ilah’

The word ‘ilah’ comes from the word ‘alaha’. It is mentioned In the book titled “Ash Shihah fii Lughah” that ‘alaha’ means ” ‘abada” or worship. While in “Mukhtar Ash Shihah“‘ it is mentioned that ‘alaha-ya’lahu’ means ” ‘abada”, or worship. The word ‘ilah’ refers to the word pattern ‘fi’al’, which literally means maf’ul (object). Thus, the word ‘ilah’ means “ma’luh” or a worshipped object. (Refer to Mukhtar Ash Shihah, chapter “hamzah”,

the meaning of laa ilaa ha illallah

In the other reference, Al Mu’jam Al Wasith Dictionary (part 1, page no. 25), it is explained that ‘ilah’ means every thing that used to be worshipped. The plural form of it is ‘alihah’. In Arabic language, ‘ilah’ is also termed as ‘ma’bud’. Hence, the scholars interpreted the actual meaning of “Laa ilaaha illallaah (None has the right of worshipping but Allah) as “Laa ma’buda bihaqqin'” or “laa ma’buda bihaqqin illallaah” (Refer to “Syarh Tsalatul Ushul“/Explanation of The Three Foundation, author Ibn othaymeen, page no. 77)

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